Into The Blackhole Of Depression

  Do you know what it feels like to believe that you are a mistake and that feeling pain means that you have no control of your feelings? Do you know what it feels like to be given the shovel to dig deeper and deeper only to find out when it’s too late that it’s … Continue reading Into The Blackhole Of Depression


Sometimes I wonder about those days, when feelings were carried by wrong brushstrokes; confined within a circle of homogeneity yet enriched with pure enthusiastic emotions... This is my first watercolor artwork. It reminded me of how much I liked to paint colors and write words. Well? I use to abuse them as I extorted my … Continue reading Memories

Sunshine Blogger Award

Yonnie Is Spreading Love And Inspiration Through Her Blog Yonnieinhiscare.Blog Thank You Yonnie For Nominating Me For My First Sunshine Blogger Award... The Sunshine Blogger Award Is An Award For Bloggers Who Are Creative, Positive, And Inspiring – People Who Spread “Sunshine” To The Blogging World! The Rules: 1.Thank The Blogger/S Who Nominated You. 2.Use … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award


Our life is just an excerpt from the book of illusion. Our Today will become an illusion tomorrow and our tomorrow is an illusion today. Our happiness, our success, our journey, our destiny; mere illusions. The very idea of running after butterflies to catch them, to enclose them in a jar in childhood was nothing … Continue reading ILLUSION