“She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky.”
― Monique Duval


Why Me?

We are always struck by a question Why me? whenever we feel blue… I think the answer lies within ourself if we concentrate and turn a listening ear to our pounding heart… It will say it was only you because you yourself choosed to be someone else… you were the one who denied the real you and opt to be a copy… It was only you because you allowed them to use you by letting them know that you are weak enough to be dumped like this… I know it’s harsh but it’s reality… I must say the real joy of life doesn’t lies in asking questions but finding answers… Don’t get confused with why me? & try me… you need to move on to What next… Try out to find the real you and contentment in everything you have it’s only the way you can be really happy… Don’t postpone your happiness to then start being happy from now…



I think
Streetlights are weird
I want more of them
To accompany me on the road
I used to wander alone…

I wonder
What if they could speak
Would they be able to tell my Mother
How dreary I felt in their light
Walking away from home…

I ponder
What they think of me
As a person, Strong or weak
As they know all the secrets of gloomy eyes
Laying beside my fake broad smile…

© tarbelite

F9 Park (2)

Why to follow the trend…

Why to follow others when we can be magical by following our heart, our passion and our dreams. We are forced to follow the society, the norms just to avoid the compliment abnormal… Will it be okay for you to sacrifice your God Gifted Talents just to gain temporary respect in the eyes of others… I called it temporary because if they really meant to respect they will even respect the real you… I must say here Be a better version of “Yourself” for “Yourself”… Only care of those who respect the real you not their image of you… Take the compliment being called “weird” as a price of being the real you… Satisfy your soul… Fly High & follow your own limits… Don’t let others to set boundaries for you except Your Religion…
Smiles 🙂


Unanswered Questions

I don’t know why we have to say we are okay when actually we aren’t… I am curious to know why we hide our tears from others but laugh loud in front of world… I really want to know the mystery behind the fake “Hello” & “Nice to meet to you” … I think it could be because of the reason that we like the very idea to remain mysterious to the outer world…