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Thank You Yonnie For Nominating Me For My First Sunshine Blogger Award…

The Sunshine Blogger Award Is An Award For Bloggers Who Are Creative, Positive, And Inspiring – People Who Spread “Sunshine” To The Blogging World!

The Rules:

1.Thank The Blogger/S Who Nominated You.

2.Use The “Sunshine Blogger Award” Logo On Your Post And List The Rules.

3.Answer The 11 Questions The Selector Asks Of You.

4.Nominate 11 Bloggers You Want To Give The Award To.

Ask The Bloggers 11 Questions Of Your Own


Who Is You Favorite Music Artist And Name Three Things You Like About Them?

I Am A Bit Confused Between Greenday And Irfan Ali Taj But I Think It’s Irfan Ali Taj. Well What I Like Most About Him Is His Efforts To Preserve Cultural Music Specially Chitrali Cultural Music. He’s Humble And Well Cultured I Assume.

How Old Were You When You Do You First Creative Writing Or Graphic Design (Drawing)?
I Think I Was 16 Years Old When My First Poem And Sketch Was Published In A Renowned Magazine. But Actually I Started Writing When I Was A 5th Grade Student.

Why And How Long Have You Been On WordPress Blogging?
It’s Been 6 Or 7 Months And About Your Why, To Confess What I Am And What I Really Feel…

What Is Your Favorite Holiday, To Celebrate And Why?
It’s Eid Ul Fitr Maybe Because I Can Hear Much Giggles Of Children Around Me On That Day…

If You Were On The Dance Floor. What’s Your Best Dance Move?
Aww!I Really Don’t Know How To Make Even A Single Move So…

What Inspires You To Write?
Pain Inspires Me To Write. I Write To Escape Reality And To Evacuate Physicality…

Do You Find It Challenging To Write Through Adversity?

If Were Offered An Opportunity To Live In A Different Country And Write For A Year. What Place Would You Choose And Why?
Fairy Meadows, Pakistan Because It’s Where I Can Make The Most Of The Silence And I Can Enjoy Surreal Starry Nights And I Would Love To Spend Full Moon Night There… Well Another Reason Is That The Road To Fairy Meadows Is Quite Dangerous I Want To Experience How It Feels Over The Edge…

What Is Your Favorite Color?

Do You Still Enjoy Using Handwriting Your Work?
Writers May Not Write What They Feel But They Feel What They Write And It’s Really An Exciting Idea To Hand Write My Work…

When Is Your Favorite Time To Of Day Or Night To Create Your Work?
For Writing It’s 2 A.M And For Sketching Surrounding And Time Doesn’t Matter…

My Nominations:

Pavan Athreyas

Isha Garg

Sunil M Dabral


Newton Ranaweera

Ancient Skies

Poetry from the ink well


The Typewriter


Abdul Ghani Punjabi

My Questions:

What Inspired You To Write Or Paint?

What Book / Books Inspired You The Most And Who Is Your Favorite Author Or Painter?

What Do You Like Best About Blogging?

If You Were To Start Blogging All Over Again Today, What Is The One Thing That You Would Do Differently?

What In Your Experience Is The Best Method Of Blog Promotion?

What Is Your Criteria Of A Successful Blog?

What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment ?

What Is Your Definition Of Writing Or Painting?

Tell Me About Your Culture And Traditions And About Your Place (Hometown)?

What Is The Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Ever Done?

If You Didn’t Have To Sleep, What Would You Do With The Extra Time?